Our hiking excursions take in the environment at a slower pace.   This allows us to dig into the sites in more detail.  We travel to places where we can see as much eco-diversity as possible.  The pace is moderate and set to your group.  The distance is set by your pace and time frame.  The walks take in three basic topics...
The upland walks focus on the pine flatwoods environment that supports a tremendous biodiversity.  This also takes into account the individual strategies each species uses to survive the frequent fires that swept across Florida in the not so distant past.  You'll be amazed at what is under all those pine trees.
We don't have to get in the swamps and marshes to learn about them...but we can.  This has been a hot topic in Florida for many years.  On these walks we learn why.  Why Florida just wouldn't be without them.
Most people come here to see the beautiful beaches.   There is alot more going on out there than you realize.  The coastal walks pick up where the waves hit the beach and end up taking in the fast dissappearing back dune environment.  The beach just won't look the same after we are through.
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